Champions League: Chelsea on Final

Those who are commented about Champions League final, all sports channels and sites got a fine answer from The Team Blue and the answer for all of them is “You are wrong”. The greatest match in this season for Chelsea has played at 24th April 2012 against Barcelona in the Champions League semi finals second leg. If you were watching the match, then you did scream for Chelsea at the end if and only if you are a Chelsea fan. From the beginning of the match Barcelona has dominated the game as usual.

There were lots of goal attempt from Barcelona and they scored only two goals, but defensive force of the Chelsea did not allow Barcelona to score more than that untill the end. The saddest thing is Chelsea’s captain John Terry’s red card, but it was a childish behavior from Terry. After sending Terry Chelsea’s defensive got big hole so no one left Petr Cech alone, every player of Chelsea enclosed the post and not allowed Barcelona player to score. Chelsea’s goal keeper did a fantastic job for his team, all the credits goes to him.

Chelsea manager switched the players at 80th minute of the match, Drogba out Fernando Torres in. Until the 90th minute of the match, score remains same at 2-1 and aggregated 2-2, so everybody expected extra time. Referee gave three minutes additionally. In the 91st minute there is clean shot for Torres from his teammate and there was nobody neither behind him nor before him expect Barcelona’s goal keeper. Torres and the keeper one to one, finally Torres diverted the ball slightly from keeper and kicked it to the post and the ball reached its destination, Here the celebration starts and take one step to the Champions League final. Only ten players make this possible and fought hard. There was a huge silence from Barcelona fans and players

So the history remains same, Messi has failed to score against Chelsea and Chelsea again make an equalize result against Barcelona, in Barcelona’s home ground. There won’t be Terry and some star players in the final, but they will show good game like this. The most memorable thing was even a single fan of Chelsea never left the ground for a long time and praised their boys. Chelsea has not played good in Premier League and bad spot in points table, but they are skilled at more in the Champions League matches.



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