Champions League Final: Chelsea The Winners

You have to search perfect word to express this victory; I tried lot, but it remains empty. What a match from Team Blue! An outstanding performance from Chelsea’s army in Champions League final 2012. Chelsea reached this year’s biggest final with lots of hard work and amazing game techniques. Initially, there was a huge bad news for Chelsea like red card for John Terry, but finally, they made it. Chelsea brings Champions League cup to England for the first time in history.
There is no need of explaining the match process because everybody saw this remarkable match. After playing 12o minutes, the score was remain same 1-1. Penalty situation arose to decide the winners. The beauty was Frank Lampard won toss three times in the starting of the match, in the extra time and the penalty round. Juan Mata missed his first chance, so there was no enjoyment from Chelsea supporters on ground. The most enjoyable penalty shot was from David Luiz; it was like a lightning. Luiz went far away from ball in his chance of penalty round. He ran like train and hit the ball. That moment reminded us some Chinese and Japanese soccer movies because the ball flew like an arrow from a bow. Opponent goal keeper can’t do anything from this shot, and the ball reached its destination. And two Bayern players have missed crucial penalties, and the penalty result was 3-3 on that time. Finally, Didier Drogba was ready to kick his shot; there was a huge silence in the ground. Drogba didn’t make any mistake, and the celebration started there.
Chelsea removed all their bad names, criticism and every negative thought by this great victory. They failed to perform well in Premier League, but they achieved in Champions League, so we can see Chelsea on Champions League next year.

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