Daily Mail: Wenger’s prediction for Tottenham next season Revealed!

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Arsene Wenger has some warnings for his arch-rivals [Tottenham] about the move to their new stadium as he ends his reign as Arsenal’s manager, according to the Daily Mail.

The Frenchman warned that the move to a new stadium will leave them in financial constraint, and they might be forced to sell some of their key players.

Wenger is no stranger to such situation, after having enjoyed a very successful first decade at Arsenal, he oversaw a move to the Emirates stadium and a subsequent slump as financial constraints from settling debts led to decline in his team’s performance.

The 68-year-old was forced to work with very low budgets until the debts accrued from the stadium construction were paid off, leading to sales of high profile players like Emmanuel Adebayor, Robin Van Persie and Cesc Fabregas among others.

He believes it will be just a matter of time before the club begins to feel the effect of the move to the new stadium that reportedly costs £1 billion, even though he admitted that a lot have changed since Arsenal made their own move. “There are some things that have changed (since Arsenal moved). The impact of the transfers has increased a lot.

‘The prices have gone up and the prices for the stadium have doubled. The transfers of the players have tripled or quadrupled.

‘A £10million player when we built the stadium was huge. Today a guy like Harry Kane, I don’t know for how much they can sell him. £100m? So they might get more supply. But they will have to face it.

The Professor is leaving the club on a low as the team underwhelmed this season, but his role in the management of the club during the years after the move to Emirates will be a great part of his legacy at the club. Though he regrets that the Gunners may never feel the full benefit of the move.

The thinking behind the move was that eventually we would have more to spend on new players, but it’s not really happened because other clubs have used outside resources.

‘We had a double handicap. We had to pay back the debt and had to face the competition where clubs have even more resources than they usually have.”

Wenger however admits he still feels a special connection to Highbury “I believe Highbury had a special spirit. It’s a cathedral, a church. You could smell the soul of every guy that played there,’ said Wenger.

It will always be special for me. The Emirates for me was like buying a new house. It took us a while to feel at home there.

‘It’s a fantastic stadium – but there was something special at Highbury that you could never recreate when you build something new.


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