Didier Drogba aims for Milan and Juventus

didier drogba

Didier Drogba has linked with Serie A from last two months and his agent Carlos Arino Bajo has confirmed his interest in Italy league.

didier drogba

Drogba is playing for Chinese club now, but he is looking forward joining in Serie A. He may sign for AC Milan or Juventus, but both clubs haven’t said any further news about Drogba till now.

didier drogba

34-year-old striker can’t get long term deal from any clubs, but he can play for top league once again.

didier drogba

Bajo said: “I think there is a good chance that he might come to Italy now,”

“There is genuine interest from Juventus, AC Milan and Didier himself regarding the transfer.

“There has been contact with Milan and Juventus to understand the contract situation with the Chinese and we will have further contact and meetings with them both next week.

“He would love to compete in one of the world’s best leagues like the Italian Serie A.”

didier drogba

Antonio Conte, Juventus coach, has mentioned that they need low cost deal now and they need a smart way to use this transfer window. Also he stated that he and his club didn’t contact Drogba yet.

“I keep reading about Drogba but the club have never proposed him to me or vice versa,”

“There are economic issues that need to be taken into account. Any transfers must be smart and low cost.”

didier drogba

AC Milan manager Massimiliano Allegri has told that they are interested with young players only.

“I believe that signing Drogba isn’t in line with what he has said,”

Drogba is a good player still now, so he can join any English club for his remaining time in football. Mean time age is also a big factor, but some clubs still need him.


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