Drogba Leaves Chelsea With Great Victory

34 years old Didier Drogba has announced that his job with Chelsea comes to an end. He declared this after the celebration of Champions League triumph. Drogba has wonderful history with Chelsea and scored in important matches and crucial finals, one example for that is against Bayern Munich in Champions League final 2012. Last eight seasons he has scored 150 goals and dedicated his full game for Chelsea. He is still in eager to score for Chelsea, but has to concentrate on his future. He told that he doesn’t like to sit in bench and watch the game in upcoming seasons because Chelsea need to make some changes in team for new season.
Three years before he told to leave the club, but he didn’t. 

Some people said he is old for football and he couldn’t play fast games, but he replied for those criticisms with his leg. Chelsea may struggle to replace his position in team, getting a player like Drogba is not an easy job. Actually, he had done everything for Chelsea at his best. He also mentioned that he is going to start new adventure life in China with former teammate Nicolas Anelka. Anelka is working as a player coach in Shanghai Shenhua.

Drogba is going to miss his teammates in Stamford Bridge and English Premier League. This is hard thing for him as well as them. Anyway Drogba got fantastic sent-off from Chelsea with Champions League cup. No other players get like this kind of sent-off on their career. All Chelsea fans are going to miss him very much without any doubt so it will be a hard thing for them. Perhaps Torres has the chance to do his job.

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