Drogba strikes gold!

Drogba strikes gold!


The former Chelsea front man has just purchased a stake in a gold mine reported to be worth £1 Billion.

The lty mine is an open pit operation in the Galatasaray strikers homeland of the Ivory Coast located near the border with Liberia some 700 kilometers from the capital Abidjan, and has produced 800,000 ounces of gold since it was opened in 1991.

The former Chelsea player is a national hero at home famous not only for football, but for all the humanitarian work that he does including the effort he has put into uniting the rebel north, and government supporting south following over a decade of civil unrest and a brief war that ended the conflict in 2011.

Currently the mine is a joint venture between the government owned mining company Sodemi, and its Canadian partners La Mancha. Sodemi have agreed to sell a further 14% stake in the mine to La Mancha which takes the Canadian company’s ownership to 55%  of which they are selling 5% of their stake to Drogba essentially making the mine 50% Ivorian, and 50% Canadian owned.

It is thought that by getting such a well-known figure involved it would help to rejuvenate and industry that has not seen a great deal of investment for years as the government concentrated on the agricultural sector making the ivory Coast the world’s largest cocoa grower.

We all know that these top footballers love their fast cars and bling, but having your own gold mine to brag about is pretty cool!


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