Drunk Gazza arrested after attacking Sheryl




It seems as though there may be no helping former England international Paul Gascoigne following his latest drunken tirade.

If you remember earlier in the year the former Newcastle, Tottenham, Everton and Rangers and Lazio star was while speaking at a charity event in the Midlands was obviously drunk and in a bad way prompting many people to say that if the ex-footballer did not receive help he would probably die.

Friends got together to raise money in order to send one of the best footballers of his generation to dry out at a private clinic in the United States after which on his return to the U.K. the 46-year-old vowed to never touch a drop of the stuff again saying: “Sometimes I think, when am I ever going to learn my lesson?

“I sometimes think I’ll be all right with one drink, but then I get too excited and when I’m drunk I’m a nightmare.”

Following this latest incident it appears that Gascoigne is back on the bottle again after railway passengers shockingly watched a very drunk Gascoigne have an enormous row with his ex-wife Sheryl, 47 out on the platform of Stevenage railway station at around 10.30 at night on July 4th.

Railway guard and other station staff had to detain the ex-footballer as he screamed out obscenities at his former wife until the police arrived to arrest the former star.

A Hertfordshire Police spokeswoman said: “Police were called to a report of a man allegedly being drunk and disorderly at Stevenage railway station at 10:30pm on Thursday 4 July.

“Officers attended the location and arrested a 46-year-old male on suspicion of common assault and being drunk and disorderly.”

It seems as though even after friends intervened to help the only way for Paul Gascoigne to stay away from the demon drink is to be locked away in a facility where it is impossible to get hold of alcohol.



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