English Premier League: Successes

English premier league

The most surprising success has to be West Brom. They played well with minimum buys and stars, and a new manager in Steve Clarke, who was generally an assistant. Clarke’s first full season as a manager saw him take West Brom to their best table finish since 1981, as they finished 8th on 49 points, their highest number of points in a Premier League season. Clarke deserves a lot of credit for their success, and I hope they can build on it next season. Lukaku also deserves credit, scoring 17 goals in the season, helping them to a comfortable position throughout the season.

Another success has to be Norwich, who finished in 11th place on 44 points, and saw them record a 3-2 victory over Man City on the last game of the season. Chris Hughton’s first season as Norwich manager, didn’t get off to the best of starts as they were beat 5-0 by Fulham in the first game of the season, but I feel they played very well since then, earning victories over Arsenal and Man Utd in the league. I didn’t have high hopes for Norwich when Lambert left, but finishing in 11th place is a great achievement, there is a good value for Norwich’s performances at betfair.com and I’m glad to see them stay in the Premier League, as I feel Chris Hughton is a really good manager, and one who has been treated badly in the past by clubs. Now, hopefully they continue, and give him money to invest in the summer.

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