Fascinating quotes from special people

Fascinating quotes

The pre-match and post-match commentary from players and managers have always attracted the media and fans. These special quotes are making some serious issues in recent days like Manchester City’s manager Manuel Pellegrini, who is banned by UEFA for his comment on referee selection.

It has been an interesting thing to hear from star’s opinions about their opponents and their own club.

Here is some of the interesting quotes from the top stars in football,

Diego CostaDiego Costa about Ramos: “I fought and tussled with Ramos. If I have to hit him, I’ll hit him. If he has to hit me, he’ll hit me, but always in a loyal way, always within the bounds of the game.”


ronaldoCristiano Ronaldo on Zidane: “I believe Zidane is preparing to train France. He won’t spend much time as the number two at Real Madrid. With all of his experience, he can train any team.”


SuarezLuis Suarez praised his Captain Steven Gerrard: “He played a massive part in convincing me to stay. He didn’t talk about me, or through me, in the press, but in person. In those moments I forgot that he was ‘world football great Gerrard’, a Liverpool legend, but as a humble person who spoke to me with all his heart for hours. He said I was the best forward he’d ever played with, which given the amazing strikers that he’s played with at Liverpool, was amazing for me to hear. I’ll never forget that.”

roberto-carlosRoberto Carlos’s spoke about coach Real Madrid: “To coach Real Madrid within about ten years is a dream that I have.”


DrogbaBefore the Champions League clash against his former team, Didier Drogba: “Our philosophy when I was there was very simple. He educated us to hate losing. Sometimes, in training, you could play three or four games of five minutes without a goal. Everyone was so concentrated. When you conceded a goal, you could see [John Terry] shouting and kicking the post, like he was losing a very important game. It was only training; imagine when you have that spirit in a Premier League or a Champions League game. We refused to lose.”


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