FIFA World Cup 2018 – Where Fantasy Meets Imagination

One of the grandest sports tournaments ever known to man is the football World Cup. Played across 200 countries in the world, football is also the most popular game in the world. And in every four years, the whole world comes to a momentarily pause to witness the mega event in which talent meets recognition.

From an unknown to the glory:

Recent day stars like Neymar Jr., Mario Gotze, they all came into the spectrum of stardom because of World cup. Neymar Jr. was a YouTube sensation before he became a star and had it not been the 2010 football world cup, Neymar Jr. wouldn’t have been recorded as one of the most expensive players in transfer history. Mario Gotze, however, was a promising name but his popularity grew into to stardom at the 113th minute when he bicycle-kicked a shot into the back of the net, past the Argentine goal-keeper in the final match that gave the Germans their fourth world cup. He was a substitute and was deployed at the 88th minute of the game, replacing Miroslav Klose as a striker. He may now remain out because of his injuries or bad form but he will always be remembered every time someone speak of the 2014 FIFA World Cup which took place in Brazil.

With the advanced infrastructure busy digging new players, these days, many stars rise but their true mettle is always tested in a world cup. Even the current day legends, both Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi don’t have a world cup pinned to their names, which only proves one thing that winning a world cup is toughest achievement of all.

The new dance moves:

Every country has their own tradition and culture and in the football world cup, all those countries come forth to display their celebrations after their country scores a goal. One of those popular dance moves was the Samba, this unique Brazilian dance move was nothing short of an excellence to celebrate their goal in the 2002 FIFA World Cup.

Unifying the world:

Football is the most beautiful game in the world because it is a great equalizer. It doesn’t matter which caste, which colour, which ethnic background anyone belongs too. All it applauds for the talent and the will to succession of anyone who proves themselves. Since football is also referred at times as the sport of the poor people, no barriers can stop a nation’s spirit. Countries located far from each other geographically but in the time of World Cup all countries stand by each other.

The beauties of the game:

It is often said that even the most beautiful game in the world is beautified by its fans. In every World Cup match the various displays of make ups and dressing patterns often creates an atmosphere of a summer festival, bright and dazzling throughout the tournament.

The fantasy team selection:

Football World Cup is such a tournament that everyone wants to create their own fantasy team by selecting their favourite players belonging from different countries as if they were the coach and they would even strategise a mental map for winning the world cup, even giving out their fantasy football team predictions. This is a very popular trend in the eastern countries like India, Nepal, fans from these countries create their own fantasy playing XI and partake in many fantasy football matches in India as well. Hence, the grandest football event sees the amalgamation of fantasy sports going everywhere digitally. This is where the fantasy of fans meet their imaginations.

Koustav Shaw


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