FIVE Reasons why Premier League top 6 clubs will suffer from change in transfer window date

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Following the announcement of the change in date of the opening and closing of the summer transfer window, a lot of fans and supporters have had their say in the likely advantage and disadvantages of this decision.

I do wonder whether by going unilateral, the top 6 clubs in the Premier League have shot themselves in the foot with this and blown any chances of Champions League and Europa League success next season. Here are five reasons why this is the case:

1. Other European sides will have 3 extra weeks to do business between each other which English sides will be unable to respond to.

If for example, Chelsea are in a battle for a player with Bayern Munich and then Bayern can just obfuscate until the English window closes.

2. English clubs will be forced to pay even more over the odds to secure European players signatures due to the time difference. It all seems rather insular, self defeating and ‘Little Englander’ by the EPL clubs.

3. Given the World Cup Final is on the 16th July and top players will then go on their summer break that potentially only leaves a fortnight or so to get any serious post World Cup deals done.

4. So expect plenty of business before the World Cup. That said, I cannot see top players doing much transfer work when they are in their World Cup camps so perhaps England will not see many premium signings at all?

5. Additionally, I can only imagine though that players surplus to requirements will be sold after the 9th August. No one is surely going to deplete their squads.


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