Football Betting with Bitcoin


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Maybe you are one of those passionate football fans, who knows everything that moves around this sport; teams, training staff, injury’s, trades, stats and even the emotional state of players, if there is a divorce or a death pet, you would immediately know how this will affect your team; nothing, absolutely nothing, goes under your radar, but, have you seen any benefit on being such a football geek.

Maybe you have and already are all into betting and taking advantage of your vast knowledge, in this case, we will have you up to date on one of the newest trends on Football Betting; Betting with Bitcoin; on the other hand, if you know nothing about betting, love football and wish to take the excitement to the next level, we will guide you through the basics for you to start playing anywhere, anytime.

Bitcoin Betting on Football

How to Bet on Football?

As on any other sport, Football, has different possibilities when making a bet. The easiest and most usual is to bet on the team we believe is going to win a match, this way you can avoid any kind of complications but you won’t be able to make a lot of money. In order to get bigger revenue, you’ll have to get riskier, and one of the most popular ways of getting risky, is by playing on Handicap’s, what is nothing but betting on the underdog of an encounter with some points of advantage, that way if our chosen team loses, we will still have a chance to win the bet.

Another way of betting is by going Over or Under on a probable result, in this case, the casinos stablish an imaginary total of goals (scored by both teams) and all you got to do is to choose if the final outcome of the game will be over or under this number, if, for example, the given number is 3 goals and we choose under on a Chelsea VS Manchester game, that means that both teams have to score together less than 3 times for us to win the bet.

On the other hand, there is always the possibility of mixing some bets, for example, by choosing an Over-Under bet and a winner of a match, or by mixing games or even sports, this will add some adrenaline to the bet and also will get us the possibility to earn more money for the same amount invested, just have in mind that this will lower your odds of winning.

What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is the biggest and most important cryptocurrency available nowadays, constantly growing due to the amount of users and business that decide to use it as another payment method, what actually adds more value to Bitcoin, as it sets its exchange rate depending on its offer and demand, what also makes of Bitcoin both an investment and a risk, but fear nothing, there is no coin on the globe that lacks of risk and Bitcoin is, and has been, solid enough for you to include it on your payment methods.

Also, Bitcoin offers an open code and a friendly platform that keeps attracting more users every day, with a security system as powerful as the ones used by banks all around the globe, it offers a lot of flexibility, the capability of doing international transactions, as well as the possibility of doing them without mandatory fees or bureaucratic proceedings involved, also, it manages very low rates for enterprises and business, and an excellent protection against frauds.

On the other hand, there are a lot of platforms, casinos included, that will offer you something extra for using Bitcoin, what can go from discounts to special bonus, and can represent a big thing to consider when picking our online casino.


Finally, there are some important things for you to consider before investing any amount of money. The most important would be to make a revision of the legality of betting on sports in our country , as well as the legality of the operations of the casino we pick, for this, we can find a lot of specialized websites and take a bit of our time to read some reviews and comments of regular users, this way we will have a better overview and certainty on what we are doing. Another thing to consider is the payment methods we manage, before picking any casino it would be smart to know if it accepts our cards or virtual currencies, nobody likes to go through the registration process only to find you can’t play because they only accept MasterCard.

The welcome bonus and discounts, usually represent the biggest attraction of some casinos, sometimes they can even offer us the possibility of multiplying 3 times our initial investment, but you should be careful, because, sometimes, these promotions have special perks like a death-line or availability only for some games and bets, so be careful and try to read the small words, it will only take you some minutes and will help you ensure a good experience.

We strongly encourage you to keep reading about the amazing world of football in order to get better results every time you play.


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