Football news: Arturo Vidal wants to remain in Serie A


Chile midfielder Arturo Vidal has no feelings about leaving Juventus and he wants to spend his career in Serie A. He got offers from Manchester United and Real Madrid but he denied those transfer talks.


25-years-old midfielder is playing for Juventus from 2011 and he is aiming to win all major trophies for his side.

Vidal is enjoying his role in Juventus so there are no talks about leaving them.

“I’ve not thought about moving,I repeat – I am very happy here and if I had to spend my entire careers here, I’d do so gladly.

“Things went well for me in Germany [with Bayer Leverkusen], but now I am playing for one of the world’s most historic clubs.

“We have just won the title unbeaten and I am fulfilling both my own expectations, and those of the people who brought me here.

“I was aware when I joined that the team hadn’t been getting good results, but I also knew that I was signing for a European giant. When I agreed the move, I did so thinking we could turn things around and fight for championships, and that’s how it’s turned out.

“It didn’t take us long to realise that we were capable of turning things around, though I have to admit, I was surprised that we finished unbeaten.”

“I think that the players we’ve brought in make us stronger than we were last season,”

He concluded: “So we’re capable of having a good season and having a good Champions League campaign. At a club like Juventus, you have to aim to win every competition.”


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