No long-term offers for Frank Lampard and Ashley Cole


Frank Lampard and Ashley Cole will be an end story for Chelsea in end of this season. Does Chelsea not require them anymore?


Lampard’s role in Chelsea is incomparable one and Chelsea never gets a player like him. Chelsea is not ready to give more than one year offer for Lampard and Ashley. They offered same for Didier Drogba before he left so that situation continues for these players too. Chelsea has made their path well planned for this problem because they already brought Oscar and Eden Hazard to replace them. It’s the time to take decision before the transfer window opens.

Chelsea had played pre-season match in US with Major League Soccer’s All Stars. During that time,Lampard was linking with La Galaxy when he spotted with old teammate David Bechkam. Lampard also linked with Chinese football club Shanghai Shenhua with Drogba recently. Ashley Cole needs long-term security deal with Chelsea, but they are not offering that much. Ashley Cole has linked with AC Milan, they also ready to give him long-term deal and expected to pick him in January transfer window.

Chelsea source has disclosed this news and they gave one year promise for Lampard and Cole.

“Frank and Ashley are still very important to Chelsea but if they stay it will only be on the club’s terms.

“Didier held out for more than one year last season and was given a take-it-or-leave-it offer.

“The owner has made it clear the same will apply to Frank and Ashley.”

Chelsea has taken conclusion for them, so they must take their choice. Lampard, 34, and Cole, 31, are not required for Chelsea, but they are wanted from other clubs. The best way is, they can leave and join where their service is needed.

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