Football odds

Football badges are a key part of a clubs identity. Although they are used to identify teams from one another (on league tables and on football odds sites), there is a lot of history behind them.

For example, Arsenal’s current badge takes inspiration for the coat of arms of the Royal Borough of Greenwich – very close to where the club was originally formed.

There have also been some mottos featured on certain badges. From “arte et labore” to “consectatio excellentiae”, football clubs have certainly chose some interesting mottos to feature on its badges (especially English football clubs).

As Latin is no longer a compulsory language and is hardly used, many clubs have excluded their mottos from their badge completely.

However some clubs have decided to keep them and consider it a vital part of the clubs identity. As there is very few clubs around that feature mottos on their crests, you should perform fairly well if you’ve been paying attention to individual clubs. How many can you get correct?

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