Football Transfer News: Simeone confirms Falcao exit

Football Transfer News: Simeone confirms Falcao exit


Coach Diego Simeone has confirmed Radamel Falcao move from Atletico Madrid and praised Falcao for his contribution.

In summer football transfer news, Falcao will get most of the attention and expect to join in English clubs Chelsea or Manchester City.

Ironically, Simeone has said he can replace Falcao place and allow him to leave the Atletico.

“It is complicated, but it would be fabulous if he stayed,”

“I am not his agent. I am not Falcao. Falcao has given me a lot and is a player with commitment, and I respect him a lot for that. The fans do not have to judge him after all he has given.

“[Fernando] Torres went and [Sergio] Aguero came, which was a risky bet. [Diego] Forlan went and Falcao came. If he does end up leaving, another competitive player will surely arrive.”

Falcao would like to play for English team, but price tag over him is a huge factor.


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