Gianluigi Buffon is ready for Juventus in UEFA Champions League

Juventus veteran goal keeper Gianluigi Buffon has said that Juventus is ready for Champions League clash against Chelsea next week. He felt very bad last terms experience on Juventus in Championship journey.


They have missed last terms of Champions League, but they have won Serie A title in last season. Now they are prepared show their show in higher level matches with World class teams.

Buffon mentioned that last two seasons was really bad for them, but that made them more eager to win the Champions League. This time their first match against defending Champions of Europe Chelsea in Stamford Bridge.

This time the Champions League will be a tough one for all teams because last season ended with new page. Chelsea won last term, but top teams in all leagues are preparing to win this cup.

La Liga champions Real Madrid failed to enter in finals and this time they are waiting lift their 10th Champions Leaguecup. Barcelona’s journey also ended with semi-finals. Bundesliga giants Bayern Munich did make to final in Munich, but they lost one of the biggest titles in football by penalty shoot.

In Premier league, Manchester United lost league title with Manchester City so they must bounce back from title less league. Chelsea is stronger than last term new manager, new signings and so for their performance is brilliant.


“My team-mates and I have missed playing in the competition, but the two-year exile has been good for us, because now we’ll fight right until the last bead of sweat in every game,”

“I’ve been forced to spend many Tuesdays and Wednesdays watching it from the sofa at home. I’ve got a decent TV and the picture is good, but being there on the pitch is another thing entirely.”

34-years-old Italian has talked about their first clash between Chelsea and their present condition.


“Chelsea? They pulled off a miracle last year, because there were teams better equipped than they were. “However, Di Matteo has managed to make their play compact and solid, and these features enabled them to enjoy success.”

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