Guardiola’s last chance, Wenger’s optimism


Bayern Munich, the team which have most of the records in football book, this time travelling to London to expecting a new diamond on their crown. Arsenal’s recent form would bother them definitely.

Pep Guardiola side is sidelined many key players due to injury, but they manage to maintain their success run with the help of individuals performance.

After their record win in Bundesliga, Guardiola said they are in a crucial moment in Champions League games.

Guardiola told: “In this situation, they have the advantage,”

“They have to win. When that happens with these kind of players they are going to make the best performance possible. I cannot expect a team that doesn’t fight for 90 minutes.

“It’s the last chance. In life when you have the last chance you give absolutely everything, and we have to be prepared for that against Arsenal.”

He also has good admiration for Arsene Wenger and appreciated him for his vital role for Arsenal. He believes Wenger can make changes and bring big silverwares for the team.

“Twenty years at one club is now impossible,”

“Nobody has that energy any more. It can get boring for the people; Arsène is an exception, like Ferguson was. Wenger is not only a manager, he is a sporting director. He changed the club. They played defensively before he came. Wenger is more than just a manager for this club. He is almost everything. He can be at a club for longer. Me: no!”

Meantime, Wenger hopes that his side will stop Poland goal machine Robert Lewandowski

Wenger said: “The best way to combat him is for us to have the ball,”

“After that you have to be shrewd with him because inside the box he is outstanding – his technique, his finishing and movement. That’s where we will need the experience of Mertesacker and Koscielny.”


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