Henry: “Nobody should fear United anymore!”


Manchester United looked good in their Group A of Champions league competition, topping it without a loss. But, in the domestic competition “Red Devils” struggle, and can’t find their form. Manchester United currently sits in 9. place in Premier league standings, with a huge gap of 13 points to the league leaders, Arsenal.

An Arsenal legend, Thierry Henry, wrote off Manchester United chances to defend Premier league title, under new manager, David Moyes.

Henry recalled his time spent at Arsenal, and talked about his matches against Manchester United, and the difference between those in the past against Ferguson, and matches now, against Moyes:

“When we went to Manchester United, I can say it now, we knew they were going to come out strong. But now when I see teams going to Old Trafford, they are not even scared. They play. Some teams didn’t even pass the halfway line. But when I see teams now, they are comfortable – they pass the ball around.
They need to recreate the fear they used to have. Then they will be all right.”

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