Hernanes Transfer Rumours cleared by agent

hernanes in lazio

Lazio player Hernanes is top in the transfer list of big teams, including Barcelona and AC Milanhernanes in lazio. These teams are planning to sign this Brazilian play-maker.

His representative stated Hernanes wants to stay in Rome and has contract with Lazio. After returning from Brazil, he will talk with Lazio and declare his decision.

But he has good relationship with Lazio. Lazio didn’t announce any transfer news about him so far.

Hernanes’s agent has said there are many offer for him from various agents to him, but he didn’t receive any call from Barcelona and Milan, until now. He added Hernanes transfer rumours are getting more serious.

He told Hernanes has a good market now and there is no official news from Lazio so this will be a rumor until August. He has to talk with President Lotito regarding this news.

Hernanes agent Joseph Lee said:”I have heard of interest from Barcelona and also Milan, even if I’ve not received an offer.

“Hernanes has a contract with Lazio and has repeated several times that he wants to stay in Rome.

“His name, however, is circulating amongst many agents, who are all asking me for his details.”



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