Hodgson Has Praised England Players

England has been ruled out from Euro Championships by Italy in Quarter-finals. In Euro 2012, England was expected a lot because they had that much of stuff over them. England’s new manager Roy Hodgson has talked very gently after their defeat. He didn’t blame any players for their missed opportunities in the field. Three Lions has struggled before starting this tournament because they met unexpected injuries and suspensions. Hodgson has planned very well for each and every position in the team and made one balanced team for Euro 2012. Players also delivered their one hundred percentages of efforts for the team and got fine results. Hodgson also mention Wayne Rooney’s performance against Italy. After returned from suspend, Rooney had lots of pressure over his head. We are all known he is one of the best strikers in the world, but he couldn’t do with that many expectations.
Defensive and striking force of England got lots of improvement; they showed that in this event. Hodgson doesn’t want John Terry and Ashley Cole’s retirement because this isn’t end for them.
One more thing there is lots of comparison talk England’s game with Chelsea. The ball possession of England in Euro 2012 was 39% only. And they had the same methods and tactics of Chelsea’s Champions League. This is football and it has set of rules to play. So it may look like another team’s tactics, but there is lots of hard work behind that every move.

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