How supplements impact on football ?

The kinds of nutritional supplements often used by professional footballers these days – which include Whey Protein, Creatine and Glutamine – probably had little impact on the game in earlier eras. This is because the game itself did not require the same levels of physical fitness that are needed to compete at the top level in the modern era, but certainly products like cheap protein shakes which are stocked by companies such as are an essential aid to the training and exercise regimen of many modern footballers.

Whey Protein supplements work by enabling protein to get to the muscles in the body quickly following a period of hard physical exercise. Exercising often tears the muscles and protein helps them to rebuild and grow. This means that such supplements can also assist in helping footballers to recover from muscle injuries, as well as helping prevent illness by improving the immune system. Glutamine supplements perform a number of functions, including lessening the chances of muscles catabolising due to the drop in glutamine levels often caused by exercise. Creatine is felt to help with the actual building of muscle strength, which in turn improves the power and endurance levels of top flight footballers.

These supplements have had a considerable impact on football over the last few years, because the demands of the game itself ensure that the training and exercise regimens at top football clubs are much more stringent than they were in the past. Although many of the nutrients found in these supplements are also in many foods (for example fish and meat contain Creatine), these supplements provide a quick and simple way of getting them into the body following a spell of hard exercise. This can help the body both benefit to maximum from this exercise but also to replace any nutrients that may have been depleted by it.

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