How to Make a Winning Start to Football Betting

Football betting is massive in the UK, with millions of punters backing teams in the big games and the small ones. However, it is also very profitable for bookmakers as, to be blunt, not everyone knows what they are doing.

Of course, regardless of how experienced or savvy you feel you are, there is no guaranteed way to make a profit in football betting. However, there are ways you can increase your chances of being profitable. Some ideas to keep in mind are highlighted below:

Search for bookmakers’ offers

Due to the rise in online betting, there are a huge number of bookmakers operating in the UK – many more brands than traditionally on the high street. This causes a saturated market with bookies jockeying for position. The short of it is, there are lots of promos on offer to get you started and to keep you betting. You can place a free bet with many top bookmakers when you open an account, sometimes without making an initial deposit.

Be wary of football ‘bankers’

You could probably count on one hand the number of times the ‘Big 6’ of Premier League football all won on the same weekend in the last five seasons. It has happened just once this season, all the way back in September. While it may seem that grouping a huge bunch of favourites (at short odds) together is a good of idea, law of averages dictates that one or more will ruin your bet. Better to stick with a smaller range of teams who offer better value.

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Stick to what you know

How much do you really know about the German Regionalliga Nord? Unless you have played in the German fifth-tier, it is probably best to stick to the football that you are watching on a regular basis. You can literally bet from the UK on every league in the world, but chances are you will be going in blind. Moreover, there is a treasure trove of data available for the Premier League, Championship and all the top leagues in Europe – use it.

Keep it simple

Using statistics to bet on football can give you an indication if a team will win, or if there is likely to be over or under a specific number of goals in a match. However, it will not tell you that Harry Kane will hit the crossbar twice in a game and also receive a yellow card. The reason to highlight this is that bookmakers will allow you to bet on anything now, including creating your own markets. Simplicity is best when making a prediction.

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Bet with your head

How many disappointed England fans stuck money on the Three Lions in the World Cup over the last few decades? While you can be rewarded for backing your favourite team – think about the lucky Leicester City fans who backed them at 5,000/1 before the 2016 season – it is the exception rather than the rule. If you can be impartial about a fixture, you are likely to have a little more grasp about the outcome.

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