Ibrahimovic sexist comments, feminists react!


Zlatan Ibrahimovic is again in the center of attention, but not because of his great football skills. He made a sexists remarks on the women’s football, probably because his ego was hurt during one interview in Sweden.

Journalist have compared him to Swedish woman footballer Lota Schelin, who have scored more goals than him this season. That comparison drove Ibra mad, so he stated that isn’t even funny, and that woman football is a “silly sport”. And that wasn’t an end. When he received a reward for the best Sweden athlete in 2013. he stated that he wants to donate a bicycle to all the best Sweden woman footballers, and award them for good form. Ibrahimovic told the press that he would sign an autograph on it, and that would be well enough for woman footballers, considering their skill and earnings.

That didn’t went unnoticed for feminist activists, who stated that one of the worst things in the modern society is that person like Ibrahimovic could be the teenage idol.


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