If you want to know what is happening in transfer season follow the bookmakers

During the summer football transfers or the “silly season” as it is called by most people, you read and hear so many rumors about where players are going to end up that it is hard to separate the fact from the fiction.
Being a football fan like you I follow my club religiously constantly looking to see who we have signed or who will be leaving in the hope that some superstar will be joining up with us leading we hope to Premiership glory or in my teams case that coveted fourth spot currently held by Arsenal that gets you into the Champions League, and the money that goes along with it.
A little trick I have learned is to follow the bookies as they have insider knowledge as to what is going on behind the scenes in the world of football.
There is plenty of speculation at the moment as to the future of Wayne Rooney, and what the outcome will be when the striker sits down with David Moyes next week to discuss whether he has a future at Manchester United or not.
According to the bookies he is 5/2 to join Chelsea and 3/1 to join Arsenal with Real Madrid at 7/2 in case a deal involving Cristiano comes off.
Other notable up in the airs are of course Liverpool’s’ Luis Suarez with the bookies favorite being a move to real Madrid at a price off 2/5 where I think that it is quite possible that a deal has already been made with the controversial striker already telling the press that it would be difficult to say no to Real Madrid.
Another move and perhaps the biggest of all is Cristiano Ronaldo joining Manchester United with Sky Bet offering 11/10 on that move.
Perhaps we will learn more tomorrow as these three transfers along with that of Tottenham’s Gareth Bale depend very much on Real Madrid who are expected to announce Italian Carlo Ancelotti as their new manager tomorrow.


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