In the eye of the statistics – Casillas is better than Lopez


After the injury he had last season, Iker Casillas disappeared from the Real Madrid’s goal in Primera division. Diego Lopez took his place, defended his goal great, and Iker didn’t manage to reclaim his place in the starting line up, since Lopez didn’t have a slightest error.

Casillas is the action for Copa del Rey and Champions league, and in La liga, but Lopez plays domestic league.

It is interesting that statistically, Iker is a better goalkeeper then Lopez, since he had conceded only one goal in the 161 minutes of play. Lopez, on the other hand, conceded one goal in 72 matches .

Diego Lopez has been in the team far more often then Casillas, he didn’t have mayor flops, and deserved to be there. But, he also conceded more goals than Casillas.

Should Ancelotti take a look at this stats, and change his mind?


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