Insider reveal the REAL reason why Arsenal want to sign “inexperienced” Arteta

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Pundits have predicted that Mikel Arteta will have a small budget if he takes over the reins at Arsenal, according to the Daily Star.

The report claim the Arsenal board are looking to sign a younger and not so experienced boss so as to have him under their control in terms of spending power for signing players.

The former Arsenal captain who is currently the assistant manager at Manchester City is one of the favorites to take over at the Emirates following the departure of his former boss Arsene Wenger.

ESPN pundit Burley believes that the 36-year-old will not be given the cash to splash if he is chosen to take over. “Arsenal have been making noises that this is the kind of route they’re going to go down,” Burley said

 “Slightly younger, more long-term, with a big project at hand, and it is a big project.

“One of the reasons they are having to go down this route is because the manager overstayed by a couple of years at least, by being allowed to sign a new contract and the board couldn’t make a decision and all the other managers have moved on.

“There isn’t a plethora of managers out there available to revamp this squad with the experience and CV, and that’s probably why they’re going to go down a younger route.

“Let’s be honest, if Arteta comes in, he’ll have to work within a budget. 

“He will not be as forceful as a Guardiola, as a Klopp, as a Mourinho, as a manager of that ilk, who would almost force a board to spend money. 

“He would be a younger guy who is slightly easier for Arsenal to manage in a financial sense.

Arteta has all the makings to be a perfect fit for Arsenal, with the former midfielder having spent two years learning under Pep Guardiola and having in-depth knowledge of Arsenal after spending five years at the club and captaining the team.


1 thought on “Insider reveal the REAL reason why Arsenal want to sign “inexperienced” Arteta”

  1. I hope the board is enlightened enough to pick the right manager for teams development and not with the perspective of being easier for board to manage. If the board concentrates on their needs ahead of the team’s need they would be looking from the wrong end of the binoculars and that would be a travesty. Fans will remain alienated and the Arsenal fan base worldwide may shrink instead of growing. My humble request to the board would be to concentrate on what the team needs to progress. The team may need a manager that gets the best out of them individually and also as a team collectively. The team may also need the manager to make tough decisions like selling Rambo this Summer if he doesn’t sign a new contract. The team may also need the manager to stand his ground and push the board for making the right talent acquisition. ManU have also spent a lit of money but ManCity have progressed much more than ManU because they made better talent acquisition amongst other things. So get the right man for the job which may seem costlier at the start but much cheaper on the long run. If the board does not make the right decision the initial spends may look lesser but the total cost of mistakes would be much higher.

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