Interesting facts : David Beckham, A strict Dad.

David Beckham with kids
Soccer performer David Beckham and his wife Victoria want their four children to be “down to earth”, and so they decided to be as strict as their own parents were with them.
David Beckham with kids
Their children are Brooklyn(age 13), Romeo(age 9), Cruz(age 7), and 12-month-old Harper.
“They are normal kids like others. And that`s because me and Victoria have kept our roots and a very English, down-to-earth living for the kids. We want to give them the same morals we got from our parents when we are growing up & the way our parents brought us up, which was in a very strict way,” a website has quoted David as saying.
In an exclusive interview with Esquire magazine, Brand Becks said: “There are expectations on the football side for the kids. It’s hard for them obviously.
“There’s a lot of pressure on them. They go for try-outs and people automatically think David Beckham’s son is going to bend the ball in the top corner at the age of six.”
However, he has no fears about the pressure getting to his lads.
“They’re very confident kids,” he said. “They take it in their stride.”
“As much as we work hard and we love to spend time with our kids and that’s our main priority, we make sure we go out for dinner once a week.”
Although the Beckham family has not lived in Britain for over a decade, London-born David, who currently lives in Los Angeles, and has previously been based in Spain and Italy, feels & said it is important to stay in touch with his roots.
“I`ve lived out of England now for 10 years but it doesn`t change anything. I`ll never forget where I`m from, never forget my roots. It doesn`t matter where I live, I`m English, simple as that. And I want our kids to have an English upbringing,” he told Esquire magazine.

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