Is Milan need Ricardo Kaka for boost up?

30 years old Ricardo Kaka has connected with AC Milan again and this time this would be a sure kick. Real Madrid’s one of the big deal is Kaka, but injuries made him to appear less game for them.


This reflected in his personal career and Real Madrid’s too. He had a name which indicates one of the fine players in the world, but now he is in a position get a good player identity.

Mean time Milan also needs him because they lost their good players recently. They must bounce back to show their experience and speed. Kaka can be key part for them.

Jose Mourinho has said: “We haven’t seen the best of Kaká at Real Madrid. The most important thing is that he’s happy and AC Milan could be the place for him to be.”

Mourinho also gave him a good space so there is no other issues between them. To see Kaka again in his old form, he should switch to some different pitch.

Jose Mourinho’s assistant manager Aitor Karanka has mentioned current position of the player and plans.

“We are still negotiating over the Kaka situation and we’ll see how it ends, otherwise he will be an extra man for the squad.”

If Brazil wants to add him in national team, he has to show some skills. He has given good effort to where he was been, but the game is not over yet. Some extra time need additional work out from him.


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