Is Mourinho Seeing Chinks in Chelsea’s Armour?

Jose Mourinho vs Chelsea

Jose Mourinho has always been known to start games in the press conferences. The Portuguese manager is famed for mind games, which he uses to gain advantage over his opposition. In some ways, his mind games reveal the team Mourinho fears the most or the team he considers to be on the verge of cracking. Since becoming the Manchester United manager in the summer, Mourinho has been pretty much occupied by the top four race when it comes to the Premier League.

United has not been able to make the assault for the title, as Mourinho would have hoped to do in his first season at the club. Mourinho knows pretty well that the manager, who wins the league title for the first time in the post-Sir Alex Ferguson era, will be granted legendary status at the club. Yet, Mourinho would be surprised to see his team remain fixed to the sixth spot for what seems like ages.

The Portuguese appears to be quite envious of his former club, Chelsea, who are the favourites to win the league title as projected by CrownBet (click here to see the latest odds).

Mourinho had been hinting throughout the season that Chelsea has been one directional in their approach. His criticism of Chelsea and the style of play seemed weird considering that the blues have been one of the best in terms of defending and they have also scored much more than United this season. Mourinho claimed that his tactics and style of play were not being given the due credit.

The feeling of sour grapes appears to have elevated even further in recent weeks. Mourinho has now gone on to directly state that the blues have managed to win the league title – despite being only eight points ahead of Manchester City with 39 points still at the disposal. Given the intensity with which Mourinho’s comments about Chelsea have gone up, it is clear that the 54-year-old is eyeing up an advantage for the upcoming FA Cup game at Stamford Bridge.

Mourinho will be returning to the scene of the 4-0 humiliation suffered back in October. It remains as one of his biggest defeats in the Premier league. His comments have subtly turned the attention away from this loss, while Mourinho will certainly be hoping that the recent praises upon Chelsea may create some lackadaisical approach coming into the match.

Chelsea are involved only in the FA Cup and the Premier league. The club managed to beat Wolverhampton in the fifth round of the competition, while Manchester United overcame Blackburn Rovers. This high-profile game between the two clubs is scheduled on March 13.


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