Its a history change time for Sir Alex Ferguson

Sir Alex Ferguson must change Manchester United’s history in Spain soil and prove their strength in away games too. The statistics are showing favor for Real Madrid, but Manchester United’s recent form seems with better potential and energy.

Sir Alex Ferguson

More than 10 points lead in Premier League table has clearly showed their possibilities for title and their rate in betting news gets good improvement. This makes good positive response in bet365 latest football adds also.

Real Madrid’s only aim is win their 10th Champions league cup and already lost their title race with main competitor Barcelona.

Ferguson has more planning over their jinx in Spain and has to make some new history over there.

“There will be goals. Of course it can live up to expectations. History always plays a part in these matches. We have to play our own game. Our intention is to win and score and that can cause chaos in games we play. There can be late drama but we have to balance that with responsibility not to leave the door open.”

He is also waiting to see Jose Mourinho’s tactics in this match.

“He is 50 years of age. He has 20 years to catch up on me and it is quite possible he could,

“I’m trying to guess what surprise they could do to blunt us and what I could to annoy them.”

He added his work time in United:

“It’s against the law to force retirement so I’ve no worries. I won’t be working until 90 – believe me. He can work until 70. I enjoy my work, and while my health is good I will carry on.”


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