Its the time to Cristiano Ronaldo breaks his silence.

Cristiano ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo is the hot name in soccer news and Spain media. After scored two goals against Garanada, this sensational news started to cover up all media. Ronaldo revealed that he is unhappy and thats why he didn’t celebrate his goals.

Cristiano ronaldo

That spark started to spread all over the soccer news and it finally comes with his $200 million transfer. All the rumors are created by some bad sources and they are writing without any truth.

Real Madrid is going to play their important week in La Liga because their first Champions League clash against English premier league champions Manchester City. Obviously Ronaldo is the playmaker for Real Madrid and his contribution in last term title win was lot for them. Real Madrid needs player like Ronaldo to defend their title win and for their 10th Champions League cup.

But he insisted that his sadness is not because of money or personal reasons. He is facing some professional problems with Real Madrid and that’s not about his contract also. There are some other things are spreading on soccer news like he is disappointed with lost the Player of the year award, but that is completely false one, he got fantastic love and support from fans.

Ronaldo went to Portugal for national duty for World Cup 2014 Qualification. He will return to Real Madrid for practicing against Sevilla on 15th September. After few days from Sevilla game, they are going to fight with Manchester City. So this time is the crucial one for Real Madrid as well as Ronaldo.

Everything will come to normal when Ronaldo opens his mouth and solve the problems. But there is no tension from Real Madrid because they knew they can solve this problem and they can keep Ronaldo.

Ronaldo stated on his facebook page:

I would like to reaffirm, without being concerned about contracts, that my focus is solely on winning every game and every available trophy with the essential company of my team-mates and all madridistas (Madrid fans).

Everyone can know what is going to happen in a few days before Saville match. There will be huge news waiting to attack soccer news; he must reveal what he thinks and what is his next move?. Will he celebrate his next goal for Real Madrid or not?