Terry wants Lampard to stay in Chelsea

John Terry has talked about his support over Chelsea’s Veteran Frank Lampard and wishes him to extend his contract for next season.

One goal balance for 200th goals in his career with Chelsea and last season in his contract for club, but Frank Lampard has more chances to stay for next one year in team.

Lampard has linked with LA Galaxy from starting of this season and some injury problem made him to play less number of games in this season.


Meanwhile, 34-year-old midfielder is ready to make new milestone and creates new record by scoring most number of goals in Chelsea’s history. Fans and team mates are waiting to see that glorious moment along with him.

Terry has said: “Frank has so much more to give and he has been an inspiration to everyone at the club,”

“He has got years ahead of him and we all hope they will be spent here at Chelsea.

“We all hope that’s here, but if not he has certainly got years ahead of him.

“I am not even going to entertain the idea of him playing for another club.”

England’s former defender added his huge opinion about age factor and club’s current position.

“Even at his age, he is still the best trainer by a million miles. He works so hard and for him to get that many goals, kids can look at that and think: ‘he is just in the right position’.

“But believe me it is a lot of hard work before and after training, working on his strengths and his weaknesses.

“I think that you can see he has always been very fit naturally anyway. That’s despite the hard work he puts in before and after training.”

Lampard is a star player as well as a decent player in his position and club; he also wants to play for England in next World Cup matches.

He has achieved all his dreams in as a Chelsea player, but he has to achieve one more thing as a national player.


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