Journey of Chelsea in 2011-12

Chelsea started English Premier League 2011-12 with new manager Andre Villa-Boas and team blue shined in the beginning. After they had won initial stage matches, Chelsea struggled in many ways. Chelsea’s biggest transfer, 50million man Fernando Torres gave same result without any goal so they had faced deep trouble. There were no injuries and no suspensions, but they didn’t win. Fans of Chelsea still believed their club and players, but each and every time they left the ground with empty hands.

All other club won consecutively and occupied top four places. In the middle of the season, people forgot about Chelsea completely. Team Blue’s supporters were waiting to see their club’s victory, when the world forgot Chelsea.

In the Meantime, a new tournament has started in the middle of Premier League, which one is the toughest tournament for all the clubs, which one is a dream for all clubs, that is Champions League. Chelsea entered into Knockout phase of Champion League. The most of the fans had not hoped with Chelsea, when they entered to knockout round.

Chelsea In Champions League:

Chelsea had to play against, Italy’s one of the top clubs, Napoli. In the away match, Napoli defeated Chelsea by 3-1. Chelsea was in terrible position because they had to win at 3-0 ratio to reach next level. Though it was an impossible one, supporters still stayed with their team. Chelsea management was in under the ground. If the same situation continues, Chelsea will write the worst record in the end of season. Finally, Chelsea’s boss Roman Abramovich did one brave action, he sacked Villas-Boas.

Chelsea’s New Boss:

Villas-Boas fought against Abramovich, but there was no use. Roberto Di Matteo was appointed as an interim manager. There was no hope to win the Premier League title to Team Blue, they won matches occasionally.

Chelsea got new manager and were ready to play biggest match ahead of them. Team Blue made that miracle, everybody stunned by the outstanding performance of the players, 105th minute goal of Branislav Ivanovic took them to next round of tournament. They won by agg: 5-4. This victory initiated by Chelsea’s bomber Didier Drogba, he scored the first goal of match at the 29th minute of match, then the captain John Terry, Frank Lampard were scored. Chelsea fans never forget that day in their life. New manager thing was worked and that was proven that time. Abramovich did nice move. Team Blue was the only team from English Premier League entered into Quarter-finals.

Chelsea In Quarter-finals:
Chelsea faced Benfica in Quarter-finals of Champions League. In away match, Chelsea did beat Benfica by 1-0. Second leg between Chelsea and Benfica were given positive result to Chelsea so they entered to semi-finals against big team Barcelona.

Chelsea In Semi-finals:
Everybody thought this is the end for Chelsea’s journey because their opponent is Barcelona. Chelsea showed a fantastic defensive game against Barcelona in their home match, which gave result at 1-0. This time also Chelsea’s lightning man Drogba made that triumph. In the second leg Chelsea went to play in Barcelona’s home ground, but last minute goal scored by, 50 million man, Torres led them to final. I still remember fans were stayed in ground for a long time after the match and praised their boys.

Chelsea On Big Final:
With a big roar Chelsea moved to final against Bayern Munich with lots of suspensions. Final match was really much harder to Chelsea, but they followed their same defensive tactics to stop opponents to score. 83rd minute Bayern player Thomas muller scored and that was replied by bomber’s head (you know who I mention) at 88th minute. After they had played extra time, the result wasn’t changed. It went for penalty round. It was reminded 2008 final against Manchester United, but with different result. With the final shot of Drogba Chelsea lifted their first Champions League cup.

End of the Premier League 2011-12 season Chelsea proved their ability to world. Chelsea also won their 7th FA Cup against Liverpool in this season. This time the match winner was… same Drogba. Chelsea started with poor performance, but they finished their journey with new history. In the Premier League 2012-13 we can expect same performance from Chelsea and you can enjoy this moment with Party casino to double your happiness.

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