Kaka Out Robinho In

Mano Menezes has dropped Kaka from Brazil’s national squad. This new squad announced for the friendly match against Bosina and Herzegovina but they axedKaka, why? , We can easily predict this decision because of his form in club. He has included in team for the last two matches unfortunately he suffered by calf injury that’s why he couldn’t play. This new team has lots of young players but it needs one fine senior player to lead them. We should agree Brazil has many professional football players so the selectors in confusion but they can take star players with good form. Kaka can play a fine in any condition with his talent and experience, but some decisions make by misjudge and without eye.
The only good news is Robinho has added in the squad and some star players from clubs are selected. Kaka and Robinho are the two good players those who played for country obviously other players too (why I mentioned only these two players because I am writing about them) Anyway somebody dislikes this new squad somebody considers as a strong team so we wait and watch which one is true.


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