La Liga : Real Madrid Won La Liga Title

After fighting hard, Real Madrid lift the La Liga title this year. Their main competitor is Barcelona; they are also having good record in La Liga. This season started as usual like favor with Barcelona, but Real Madrid didn’t give up until they get top position in points table.

In the middle of the season both teams shares first position periodically. Last year wasn’t like this, but this time there was a nail biting situation till the last match for both team supporters as well as players. Barcelona and Real Madrid are one of the top most league teams in the world and very difficult to beaten. This time that history has been changed because these two teams have failed to reach Champions League final.

Barcelona beaten by Chelsea in the semi-finals and Real Madrid also Beaten by Bayern Munich in semi-finals on penalty round. May be that’s the reason for this heavy completion among them for win the title. The standard and beautiful game has been played by Barcelona and Real Madrid throughout the year in all competitions.

Why this season was this much of entertainment not only because of team clashes it’s because of players race also. Top two goal scorers in La Liga are Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo without doubt. These two also has scored very well for their team.

Finally Real Madrid proved their game and won the title for this season


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  1. They won the title cause one team and some players they took a very long nice sleep … if Real this year should have played better than Bayern and would be the winners of CHAMPIONS LEAGUE. But Bayern really smash them at the end, and if the stupid Gomez, scored the 2 amazing chances that he lost the score would be bigger. Nice post many likes from Προγνωστικά

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