Lampard galaxy move is not confirmed

frank Lampard in la galaxy

frank Lampard in la galaxy
Chelsea’s all time hero Frank Lampard has said he is being happy as a Chelsea Player, and he is ready to talk with Chelsea Management, if they want because his contract with Chelsea is going to finish in one year.

In the meantime, Lampard spotted with ex-teammate David Beckham in US so the rumors are spreading about his move to Major League Soccer. His age and his time period of deal are the main factors for this hot news.

However, Lampard loves Chelsea, and he wants to continue as a Chelsea player. He will stay in Chelsea, if he gets chance from Chelsea. Major League Soccer is totally differing from Premier League so a player like Lampard will love stay in Chelsea.

If he moves to MLS, he is expecting to join with Beckham in LA Galaxy, but not yet. Chelsea understands the current situation and position in the team because performance of Lampard in last season was excellent one, especially in Champions league Finals. He led the team as a captain and won that match.

So everything in Chelsea’s hand, they should take a next step for Lampard’s future in the team.

Lampard and Chelsea’s coach Di Matteo’s talks about MLS evolution and Lampard galaxy move.


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