Last Seasons Top Four EPL Predictions For Next Season


The Premier League season may have just finished but already everyone is making EPL betting predictions and what might be. The summer transfer market is filled with hope and dread for fans as they may find that hidden gem or end up losing their star player. It is a vital window for the top four clubs who are the favorites to win the EPL next season and below I will take a look at all of their chances of being crowned champions next campaign.


The Blues will be most pundits EPL Betting tips for next season’s champions and rightly so after winning the EPL. It will be harder for them next time around as they will have to cope with the demands of playing in the Champions League as well this time around.

It looks like star player Hazard will be staying but a lot could change before the season kicks off. If they are going to keep the title they will need to keep hold of him along with strengthening their backline. Another striker is also a must for when Costa goes through his bad patch which normally happens each season. Last time they won the EPL they fell apart the following season but I can not see that happening again this time around.

Tottenham Hotspur

Spurs are best placed to challenge for the title next season as their current young crop of players has been together a few season now. Each campaign they get better and if they can slightly improve on last season they could finally win the title.

They are in desperate need to add another striker to act as cover for Harry Kane if they are going to win the EPL. It also looks like Walker may be off to Manchester City so another full back will be required. The main stumbling block that could affect their chances will be that they are playing their home games at Wembley. They have a poor record here and will need to change that or they may even struggle to qualify for the Champions League again.

Manchester City

City is the second favorite to win the Premier League next season but the EPL online betting odds could well change before the season kicks off. They are investing early and heavily in world-class players which Pep Guardiola thinks will turn his team into champions. The manager will have learned a lot in his first season in English football and now he gets a chance to build a squad capable of winning it.


If the EPL just had the top six teams playing against each other every week, Liverpool would be top. They play brilliantly against the best clubs in the division but lose too many points against the lower ranked teams. If Klopp can find leaders to add to his squad that can change the mentality of the players during these types of matches, they are in with a great chance. They will also need to keep hold of their star players which could be difficult for them. If they can do this and finally get their transfer dealing spot on, they will be fighting for the title next year.


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