Lewandowski signing for Bayern after the New year?!


Robert Lewandowski is near to singing for Bayern Munich! That story has been told nearly whole year, and now it can get its epilogue. Lewandowski was the guest in the Polish national television, and in the break, reportedly, the journalist insisted that Lewa tell him where he will play next season. Lewandowski told him on one condition – the cameras must be off. So, we have a word of the journalist that Lewandowski will sign for Bavarian giants in a few days, so we can sit back and wait to see if that information was the right one.

Lewandowski is contracted to Borussia until the end of this season, so he is free to negotiate with any club in the January transfer window. Borussia was desperate to force him not to sign for Bayern, they even choose to lose him without a transfer fee, but as we see, nothing helped. The Polish striker will probably sign for their fierce rivals, like Gotze before him.


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