Liverpool’s New Boss Rodgers Signs Borini

Italy’s Fabio Borini has signed by Liverpool for long term. Before signing Liverpool, Borini was in Roma. 21 years old Borini will attend practice on Friday and it will be a beginning for this young man. The special about this deal is, this is the Liverpool’s new boss Brendan Rodgers’s first signing. This Italian is signed for 7.9million and he has good record in club matches.
Borini stated: “I felt really good because I wanted to come back to England one day. I knew sooner or later I would be back,”
“Being back with Liverpool is even better because I can show the people what I can do – we’ve got the Europa League and lots of things to play for.
He added: “I hope to achieve the maximum I can, by scoring goals, getting into the Champions League and all of the things the club also wants – and all the other players.
“It’s a top club that has won a lot of trophies in the past – and will do so in the future we hope as well.”
He mentioned about Rodgers: “I’ve got the trust of the manager and the club, which for me is very nice and I’m proud to be here,” “He was very important. I wouldn’t say it was the key, but most of it came from him.
“Even during last season, I spoke with him a lot. I’d text him and ask if he was OK and congratulated him on the results he got with Swansea.
“First of all it is a relationship of friendship and afterwards it is a working one. That is more important than anything.
“I used to play 4-3-3 with him and he is very good to play football for. It is great to play football for him because you can have fun and you can get results.
“I could see at Swansea the people loved him because the football was attractive. People like to see football [played] like this.”


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