Luis Suarez is player of the year – Steven Gerrard

Liverpool’s Captain Steven Gerrard has hailed Luis Suarez as being the best in the world and he is stood ahead of his rest of the team mates.

Luis Suarez

Suarez is exposing good individual performance and his skills in every match bring him to one of the top performers in current season.

Gerrard said: “For me he’s been player of the year, across this league and a lot more leagues”

“There are probably only one or two people who you could say have been better than him this season.”

“How much better can he get? I’m not sure, but it’s a scary thought if he does improve on how he’s been performing this season.”

He added: “You remember top players for games like this – important goals and big performances that turn situations in your favour,”

“We’re all there behind him as well – he’s not on his own – but I’d love nothing better than for this game to be decided on a bit of magic or brilliance from him.”

“With the season he’s had, I think he does deserve it.”



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