Luis Suarez’s release clause is 130 million pounds?!


Luis Suarez only a week ago penned new, lucrative contract with Liverpool, and he will earn fantastic 200 thousand pounds per week. English media speculated about his contract, and and there were doubts if the new contract contains minimal fee release clause.

Prestige Mirror wrote today that they found an answer to a riddle – minimum fee release clause is in the contract, and the number is astronomical – 130 million pounds!

So, Suarez will be allowed to leave, possible to Real Madrid, but everyone who wants him will have to pay a real fortune to get it. Some would say that nobody would be crazy enough to pay that portion of money, which would be a new world record in the transfer fee paid ever, but Real only this month payed Tottenham nearly 100 million pounds for Gareth Bale, so maybe they can repeat that with Suarez next summer. One thing is certain, probably nobody from England can’t pay that amount of money, so Liverpool would be safe from bids of their title rivals.


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