Manuel Pellegrini wary of United

Manuel Pellegrini

Manuel Pellegrini

Manuel Pellegrini has finally gotten the hang of the Premier League. His side is currently second, one point behind Arsenal and being chased with a single point difference by Chelsea. Their arch rivals, United are however too far behind to bother Pellegrini, but he remains wary of them nonetheless.

The city has the strongest attacking line-up in the premier league with the likes of Negredo, Dzeko and the dangerous Sergio Aguero. They have the greatest goal difference of a positive 34 goals with Arsenal and Chelsea sharing the second tally of 21 goals.

With strong statistics and results in their favor, it almost seems unnecessary to be careful of United this season but Pellegrini insists they are not to be taken easily.

According to ESPN, Pellegrini said, ‘The major rivals are the teams that are very near. Arsenal sit top, one point on top of us and Chelsea is one point behind.’

‘But we are absolutely sure Manchester United will continue fighting to the end, because they are used to doing it, and Liverpool and Everton are teams that will continue fighting to the end.

‘They play very well, both teams, so maybe five or six teams can fight for the title.’

City visit St. James Park on Sunday to face Newcastle United. Despite Aguero’s absence City has performed extremely well and has come forth as the strongest team in the premier league this season.

Pellegrini hopes his team continues to perform at the same level if they are to win the premier league this year.

‘It is going very well of course, we are in a very good moment,’ Pellegrini said. ‘But we are just in the middle of the season, we are just preparing for a good [end to the] season.’


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