Messi set to prove his value than Ronaldo

lionel messi 2012

lionel messi 2012

Argentine Lionel Messi is set to prove that he is more valuable than rival Cristiano Ronaldo, in financial terms, after his club FC Barcelona offered him a deal that pays him more than the Portuguese pays and sends him to the top of the global salary charts.

With Messi currently earning €16m, Barca are looking to increase his salary by €5m a year. Barcelona vice president Javier Faus that they were not concerned by Ronaldo’s salary and they will not renew the contract to break Real Madrid’s record of paying the highest salary to Ronaldo earlier said it.

Now it seems that they were concerned about Ronaldo’s salary, now that they have decided to increase Messi’s salary. If the Argentine decides to sign a new contract, then it would be water over the hopes of Paris Saint Germain, who were ready to pay €250m for the great goal scorer.

Barcelona will be sincerely hoping that Messi agrees to signs their contract as he has played a solo role in leading them to victories in numerous matches.


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