Negredo is dreaming Premier League move

Football Transfer News : Sevilla player Alvaro Negredo is waiting to kick the ball in Premier League matches and said Premier league is a dream.


Spain striker has club record and looking for good knock from England. Chelsea, Arsenal and Tottenham tried for him, but this is the suitable time to move from Spain.

Sevilla also struggles with some financial problems so selling Negredo makes them minimize their wage bill. He still has contract with Sevilla until 2016.

“I have always said it, I have never hidden it, It is a league that I like.

“I do not know if it will be soon, or maybe further down the road, or tomorrow, but I will play there.

He said club received few offers, but they denied that. These football transfer news are not true until any official announcement.

“The president (Jose Maria del Nido) received some offers, but he did not accept them. Nobody said anything directly to me, and it was not the right moment to leave.

“I do not know what will happen in the future. It depends on what the club wants and what it needs.”


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