New comers in Champions League fixtures

Champions league fever reaches peek in all region’s football fans and they won’t rest until the final day. Major leagues have excellent teams and players, but yearly once they are being tested for such a huge rivalry like Champions League.

English Premier League is having world’s best players and managers, but they have not reached quarter-final of this tournament. This year completion has new comers in quarter-final and they are deserved this level.

Football lovers are expecting new winners in Champions League, they are getting bore with old teams and their victories. Last season Chelsea made that, but this time they failed to cross group stage matches.

France club PSG has spent more than 200 million for their club and signed giants like Zlatan Ibrahimovic, David Beckham and Thiago Silva. That big investment gave good result in league matches and Champions League too. They have fixed with Spain legends Barcelona in quarter-final, but they have much more confident to beat them.

PSG’s draw with Barcelona is unexpected for both teams and manager done great work in selection of team against Barcelona. The main advantage of PSG is players already played with big teams and big matches. Senior players can lead youngsters in all situations.

Another big surprise for all is entry of Malaga in toughest battle; Spain club has managed two strong competitors from their side (Barcelona and Real Madrid). Malaga is going to face Bundesliga’s Borussia Dortmund. Playing against team like Dortmund needs extra care in pitch, but they can manage the present situation with attacking game.

Dortmund will always play with stylish and surprise attacking in field so opponents should cover all paths to find the net. Galatasaray also entered in quarter-final after 10 years so this is their special moment to remember. Meantime, former Chelsea striker Didier Drogba signed a six-month deal with them; he can help score goals with higher class of game.


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