Neymar- Big task in small shoulders


22-year-old Brazilian striker Neymar is having lots of pressure and hopes on his shoulders now. He is expecting the World Cup 2014 on his own soil and wants to crown the sixth trophy for his country.


Neymar is one of the most promising and growing football star in all level of games. He is playing for Barcelona now and that takes him to a new level in his career.

Brazil will play Croatia in World Cup 2014’s opening match at Sao Paulo on 12 June and Brazil is one of the strongest squad in this campaign.


Neymar is the second youngest player who wears number 10 shirt for Brazil, but he takes the full responsibility of the job, which is given to him.

“I think it is an honour to wear the Brazil shirt in my country and to see my greatest childhood dream come true, but the nerves are starting to appear and I’ve butterflies in my stomach,”

He also mentioned that this World Cup 2014 will be a tough one because top contenders like Spain, Germany, Netherland, Argentina and Portugal has very strong squad.

“Your opponents always want to win and will give everything against Brazil. We have no preference regarding who we play as we know every match will be difficult. To get to the final will be a dream,”


Meantime, his career is booming with good skills and energy. He turns to a new level after missing the South Africa 2010 squad.

He said: “It was not my turn (then) to play a World Cup. I have always worked for this day – unfortunately it didn’t happen for me on that occasion. But after that I was lucky enough to be called up to wear the Brazilian colours. I think the difference between the Neymar of 2010 and 2014 is that this one is more mature and has gained experience – the pleasure of playing remains the same.”

Let’s enjoy the show with this young man and hopes to see more productive goals from him.

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