Old Trafford is a winning place for Jose Mourinho

Jose Mourinho’s team has terminated Manchester United from Champions League in Old Trafford and some clash between referee and players changed scenario of the ground.


Mourinho got good result in England and their race for 10th Champions League Cup has good sign.

Old Trafford boy Cristiano Ronaldo didn’t celebrate his goal so there is still love for his former team.

Mourinho said:  “We didn’t deserve to win but football is like this. I’m not speaking about the decision as I’m not sure about it.”

“Sir Alex has won the right for every decision to be correct and never have a question mark against them,”

“He is the best. He is the top. You are nobody to put a question like that. I am nobody. He did a great job.”

He added: “In that dressing room, everyone was fit. But big decisions have to be made. Tonight we had the balance just right.”

“Manchester United were playing very well. They were very compact, they were very aggressive, very well organised technically and the match was very difficult for us.

“I doubt with 11 against 11 we could win the match.

“I had a feeling that Modric would change the match because he brought to the game some qualities that we did not have on the pitch at the time.

“I am a bit frustrated because we played so well against Barcelona and today I was waiting for more. I know they (Manchester United) are giants, not just physically but mentally. I know they are fantastic and have a manager capable of organising and motivating people.

“But I was waiting for us to come here and play in a different way.”


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