Pepe said Coentrao is the Best full back

Real Madrid defender Pepe hopes Fabio Coentrao will prove his game in new season and he will be there first choice Left-back.

After signed from Benfica, he didn’t start the game of Jose Mourinho’s team, last season. His first season wasn’t good to him, but his teammate Pepe believes Coentrao will become “best full-back” in the world.

coentrao in madrid

So we can expect his name on Real Madrid’s starting XI, and he can join with La Liga Champions.

Pepe insists Coentrao didn’t play enough matches for Real Madrid, so we can’t underestimate his talent. This young man is waiting for his opportunity and he will use that without any mistake in new season.

He has wonderful game in his, so there is nothing to prove about him, and he played for World Cup and Euro 2012. This is enough for him show his qualities to the World.

Pepe told Real Madrid is having such a great player, and his bad time in Spain is over. He can start everything new and fresh.

Real Madrid made the contract with him for six years. In that, one year has already gone so he will look after every opportunity to give him and will make that big to him.

Pepe said: “He’s the best full-back in the world,”

He added: “I believe that Fabio has that patience. He will be working hard to succeed for Madrid. I believe that the warmth the people have given to me they will give to him.”


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