Podolski Is Ready To Replace Van Perise

Lukas Podolski hopes he can replace Robin Van Perise in English Premier League 2012-2013. Arsenal signed this Germany Attacker for 11.7million. Podolski is happy about playing in England for Premier League matches. Last season top goal scorer in English Premier League Robin Van Persie is expecting to leave Arsenal this summer so Podolski is ready to fill his place. Also he can get good support from club as well as followers.

Podolski said: ‘All I can say is Van Persie had an amazing record last season and hopefully there is a way he can stay with Arsenal. It would be great to play with him, but obviously this is not in my control.’

‘So long as I am playing with adventure, get into position to score goals and give my all to the team then I can be satisfied.

‘That’s why I’m pleased to hear people suggest my defensive work has improved over the years. I have worked hard on this area of my game.’

He added: ‘He has a record getting Arsenal into the Champions League every season and his reputation in Germany and all over Europe is very strong.

‘What I like about him is his passion for attacking football. He aims to play with style and flair all the time. Those are his principles and he’ll never compromise on them.

‘Some people are disappointed with him, but they need to realise what a great coach they have.

‘Mr Wenger could have moved on to another club, I am sure, but instead chose to stay and build something over the long term.

‘He lives and dies by his own ideas and Arsenal is his baby. His reputation has been built on improving players and if he can help me take my game up a notch or two I’ll be delighted.

‘Back home in Germany, football people think very highly of Arsene Wenger. They listen to what he has to say and admire his achievements.’ He told.

‘I’m not one to look back and say “if only”, but maybe I was too young to do myself justice at a leading club like Bayern.

‘Now it’s a different story. I’m older, wiser and more mature. I have 100 caps for Germany and have seen so much more in this game. I can’t wait to get started in the Premier League.’



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